When should I go to the psychologist?

If you have been down for a while, if you are not able to get out of that pothole, if you do not know who to talk to for help, perhaps it is because the time has come to go to a psychologist. Many people are reluctant to ask for professional help when they need it, but just as we go to the doctor when our leg hurts, if there is something emotional that hurts us, we can go to the specialist in this matter: the psychologist. In this article we will help you know how to detect when you should go to the psychologist so that your mental and emotional health are, again, in good condition.


  1. Uncontrolled emotions.
  2. Extreme pessimism.
  3. After a traumatic moment.
  4. Addictions.

Uncontrolled emotions.

One of the first signs that the time has come to seek professional help is when you are unable to control your emotions. After a hard period or in some situations in your life when you suffer from a lot of stress or strong depression, it is possible that your emotional health is similar to that of a roller coaster: days you are euphoric but the next day you may be sunk in a well. In this article we give you some tips on how to control anger.

Therefore, if at this time you find yourself in this situation in which you feel unable to control your emotions, it is recommended that you go to a psychologist to help you balance yourself and make you more stable in your day-to-day life. These episodes can be produced by different factors and with the doctor you will have to work to overcome them.

Extreme pessimism.

After a difficult stage or a dramatic moment in a person’s life, it may be difficult to get out of that situation. When you enter the well it can be difficult to learn how to get out of it and, many times, we need the help of someone to reach out and help us to get out into the open air again. This stage in which help is required can be detected because your attitude and your vision of the world is bathed in negative and defeatist thoughts; Extreme pessimism is very difficult for a single person to overcome and, in most cases, someone needs to reach out and help you overcome that bump.

So, one of the signs that will help you know when you should go to the psychologist is if you realize that lately you are having a very pessimistic view of life, that everything seems wrong, that you have no illusion about getting out of bed or that you don’t feel like doing anything. Before continuing in this loop and it is more difficult to get out of it, it is recommended that you ask for help.

After a traumatic moment.

Even if you feel good and think that you do not need professional help, it is highly recommended that after a person experiences a traumatic period they go to a psychologist for therapy and help them pass that period. Many people believe they are very strong and feel that they do not need help but the truth is that there are some moments in our lives that we may not know how to manage or how to face to continue living.

Even if you do not feel that you are in a depression, the truth is that it is easy for your vision of the world to change after having gone through a complicated situation, therefore, it is advised that you have the help of a doctor to be able to cope with this new moment of your life in the most rational and balanced way possible.


A good part of addictions to substances such as alcohol or drugs is found in an emotional instability that makes the person abuse drugs to escape from the world. Therefore, in order to overcome addictions, it is vital that, at the same time, you try to overcome that part of your life that you do not like and that you want to get away from through the abuse of addictive substances.

So, another sign to know if you should go to the psychologist can be found in an analysis of your habits: do you drink more alcohol? Are you hooked on some drug? In order to help you overcome addiction, it is essential that you go to a mental health professional who will give you the illusion of living again without the need to alter reality.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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