How to fight depression

For decades, depression was not taken very seriously in the medical field and even for society it was only a temporary stage of sadness. Today it is known that it is a medical condition that requires attention but sometimes the prescribed treatments are not adequate for the patient, who in parallel can combat depression by following some indications and encouraging himself to incorporate certain changes in his routine. At this article, we give you some tips to help you overcome it and move on.

Steps to follow:

  1. Depression is a medical condition that, in many cases, requires medication. This type of medication can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist, so before taking anything it is essential to consult with this specialist first or start psychological treatment, in the event that the intake of medications is required, the therapist may refer the patient to the appropriate specialist. Avoiding self-medication is essential in these cases.
  2. In addition to closely following all the recommendations of your doctor to combat depression, you can try alternative therapies that offer great results in cases of depression and anxiety such as acupuncture or laughter therapy, these options can help you to offset the negative effects of this condition and feel much more animated.
  3. Remember that in the process of recovering from this condition it is essential that the patient give his best to overcome this disorder.
  4. Staying active is vital to overcoming depression. Physical exercise helps our brain to release endorphins, hormones that improve our mood, influencing self-esteem and  reducing sadness, anxiety and irritability. Enrolling in a gym or going out every afternoon to play sports accompanied by a friend or family member that motivates us, joining physical activities, races, and even relaxing disciplines to reduce anxiety such as yoga or Pilates will help improve the perception of the environment and of ourselves.
  5. Physical activity helps to reduce that feeling of slowness that overwhelms us when we suffer from depression, increasing energy and improving our perception of the world and our mood.
  6. Practice an activity that you really enjoy and are good at, from playing soccer to knitting, any hobby that makes you feel good is suitable for fighting and overcoming depression as it will reinforce positive thinking and make you feel productive and comfortable with what you do.
  7. Do not allow the monster of negative thoughts and lack of courage to consume even what you like, give space to your hobbies so that the positive side invades your life.
  8. Avoid staying locked up at home, the busier your mind is, the less tendency you will have to feel sad or constantly think about those issues that generate depression, so dedicate yourself fully to various activities, share with your loved ones, go out, discover new places and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people.
  9. Making an effort to socialize is very important to combat depression. Although it is normal that your desire is to isolate yourself and stay alone as long as possible, this scenario will only increase your feelings of sadness and loneliness, so seeing your friends, family and going for walks where you can socialize with people is very becoming.
  10. Focus on producing positive thoughts and curbing negative ones. You may need the help of a therapist to achieve this, but it is important that you achieve it and that you understand that all these tips and recommendations can also apply to your case, feeling the desire to overcome depression is vital to really achieve it.
  11. It is also necessary to surround yourself with positive people, you must avoid that those people who transmit negativity influence you. When you are surrounded by friends, family or acquaintances, focus on positive issues and try to put aside those that cause you sadness or depression, because constantly thinking about them will only exacerbate the situation that makes you feel bad.
  12. Give an important place to the little things and think when you wake up why today is a wonderful and special day. Pleasant weather, meeting a dear friend, a joke you heard on the way to work, any little thing is a window to keep us in a good mood and away from sadness and depression. It is important and recommended that you try to sunbathe a little every day since this activity, in addition to moving away from the isolation of always being at home, will help you release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves our mood.
  13. Take advantage of the power of music: when you feel sad and down, when you think that depression will knock on your door, put the songs that make you smile, those with which you feel like dancing, let yourself be infected by the music and while you listen to them open your mind to any thought that makes you happy. Turn this into a ritual of happiness.
  14. An important percentage necessary to combat depression resides in you, in your desires, in the energy that you dedicate to get out of this stage and move towards a calmer and happier path, so experience all the alternatives that we suggest and keep your mind open to change and good energy.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.


  • If after trying these alternatives you cannot overcome depression, consult a specialist

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