Medicinal plants for anxiety

If we lead a busy life rhythm or are going through a bad personal moment, it is normal that we can begin to be nervous, stressed or anxious. The anxiety is a common symptom of certain emotional disorders to which they should pay attention they need to prevent these ends up negatively affecting our senses and nervous system. That is why when faced with anxious states or an anxiety crisis, a doctor is visited to receive a professional diagnosis. It is also possible to calm the nerves and relax through natural treatments such as those offered by some plants; Keep reading this article to find out which are the best medicinal plants for anxiety.

Steps to follow:

  1. Among the most prominent medicinal plants  to treat anxiety we find valerian, whose infusion has become a very popular natural remedy to take in stressful or nervous situations. Its tranquilizing, spasmolytic and sedative effects make it indicated for disorders related to the nervous system and to help the patient to rest better and combat insomnia in case of difficulty falling asleep.
  2. In addition, you must bear in mind that this plant is contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women, people who are taking sedative medication, patients who are going to undergo surgery soon and if alcoholic beverages are consumed.
  3. When you suffer from anxiety, you can also benefit from the amazing relaxing properties of passionflower. It is a plant that acts directly on the central nervous system, which favors the relaxation of all the muscles of the body and which is effective in reducing pain associated with nervousness, such as discomfort that appears in the area of ​​the cervical. Likewise, its consumption is also recommended to relieve headaches, nausea and menstrual ailments.
  4. We advise you to read the article How to take passionflower for anxiety and remember that this plant is not advisable for pregnant or lactating women and patients who are undergoing anxiolytic, sedative, tranquilizer treatments, etc.
  5. The linden is one of the best medicinal plants to treat problems of nervous origin such as anxiety or stress. Its relaxing properties are ideal to relieve us in those situations of anguish and nerves. It also stands out for being a great option to promote rest and sleep, so you will avoid anxiety from taking away hours of sleep and the next day you wake up tired or fatigued.
  6. The most common is to take an infusion of linden to calm the nerves, but if you do not like its flavor you should know that you can combine it with other plants such as valerian, lemon verbena or chamomile. Its consumption is not recommended in patients with heart problems and pregnant women.
  7. With essential calming properties to reduce anxiety and stress, we also find lemon balm or lemon balm. It is used specially to combat insomnia problems and thanks to its antispasmodic effects it is excellent for eliminating muscle tension when considerable physical effort is made, as well as to benefit gastrointestinal health. It also helps reduce cervical, lumbar or menstrual pain.
  8. Its consumption is contraindicated in particular cases such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding, patients with neurological problems, thyroid problems, people who are taking some type of sedative or tranquilizer medication and people who are undergoing a detoxification treatment. alcohol.
  9. The verbena is a medicinal plant with a characteristic lemon smell which has sedative effects very powerful, so it is also advisable in cases of anxiety and stressful situations.  In addition to serving as a relaxant, it is an excellent natural remedy to promote the health of the digestive system because, being carminative, it helps to eliminate accumulated gases and on the other hand it is antispasmodic, so it is effective in calming colic.
  10. It is a plant that is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and patients who suffer from problems in the urinary tract, as well as kidney failure, nephritis or cystitis.
  11. We finalize the list of the best medicinal plants for anxiety with lavender. This plant is a classic to calm anxiety and give the body a deep state of relaxation. In fact, due to this and its pleasant aroma, it is one of the most appreciated plants in the world of aromatherapy. It is also indicated to solve digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach cramps or cramps.
  12. It can be taken as an infusion, but its most common use is through its pure essential oil.
  13. Remember that before you start using or consuming some of these medicinal plants, you should consult a doctor especially if the state of anxiety is something continuous and constant. In this way, you will ensure that you follow the treatment and the most appropriate measures for your specific case.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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