Foods to quit smoking and overcome anxiety

Stop smoking today! If you have decided to quit tobacco, you should know that your whole body will thank you but, in addition to this, you can support your company with some foods that are favorable to be able to abandon your addiction. Think that the food we eat daily is loaded with nutrients and components that directly affect our well-being, therefore, if we do not take care of it, we can end up suffering from alterations such as anxiety, stress or insomnia, all of them totally contrary to your purpose. For this reason, we are going to show you the best foods to stop smoking and thus overcome anxiety.


  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Whole grains.
  3. Nuts.
  4. Drink more water.
  5. Cinnamon sticks, perfect for quitting smoking.
  6. Tips for your diet.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Among the best foods to quit smoking we find fruits and vegetables, two food groups that will satisfy your appetite and prevent you from falling into the temptation to light a cigarette. In this sense, the most suitable are those that are rich in fibers such as, for example, artichokes, spinach, etc. By having a full stomach for longer, the urge to smoke is reduced and it will be easier for you to overcome your addiction. We must not forget that, thanks to the cleansing properties of these foods, we help the body reduce toxins in our body and, therefore, we can make the nicotine we have ingested disappear.

In addition to this, it is more than recommended that between hours or when you feel like smoking a cigarette, you choose to eat a seasonal fruit; With this, you will be able to change the flavor of your mouth for another sugary and delicious one, you will also hydrate yourself and, thanks to the water and the fiber, you will be able to feel satiated and, therefore, not light a cigarette.

In this sense, the most appropriate thing is that you begin to devise a healthy eating plan where sugary foods, refined foods or sweets are reduced to give way to a balanced diet, full of nutrients and that maintains our nutritional requirements in optimal conditions so that our body does not go to external sources to help fill it up (such as tobacco).

Whole grains.

You can also help yourself with whole grains to help you quit smoking since this food provides us with a large amount of glucose, perfect to keep our levels stable. Let us remember that a low glucose can cause stress and, this emotional situation, can in turn produce an impulsive urge to smoke; in fact, this is the reason why hypoglycemic people often suffer from anxiety and stress.

If we manage to control our glucose levels, we will also be able to reduce periods of stress and be much more in control of the impulse that makes us fall into the temptation of smoking. So now you know! Add some whole grains each morning before you go to work and you will get your glucose under control.


We continue with another of the best foods to quit tobacco: nuts. Simply with the smell that these ingredients give off we manage to eliminate the urge to smoke and reduce the craving. This also happens with other typical aromas of the kitchen such as ginger, cinnamon, coriander or turmeric, for example, that if you add them to your recipes you will be able to control the desire to light a cigarette.

Another reason why nuts are good for dealing with this vice is that they are foods rich in fiber and calories that will make you feel very satiated without having to take too many amounts. By having your hunger satisfied, you will be able to reduce cravings for tobacco and fulfill your purpose of not smoking.

So, add nuts to your salads or have them as snacks in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon and you will be able to win the battle against smoking!

Drink more water.

Increasing your water consumption during your quitting process is the most appropriate way to reduce your anxiety. First, because you can create a good habit that will be very easy for you to comply with: every time you feel like a cigarette, drink a glass of water and you will see how the urge to smoke is considerably reduced.

But, in addition to this, let’s not forget that water is one of the best sources of purification of our body since it allows us to eliminate toxins naturally and we can enjoy a more purified body. Among the toxins that it will eliminate, nicotine is one of them, so by reducing its presence in the body, it will demand it less and it will be easier to be able to leave it little by little.

Cinnamon sticks, perfect for quitting smoking.

We must not forget one of the most effective and natural home remedies to quit smoking: cinnamon sticks. We have already pointed out that the aroma that this spice gives off is perfect to get us to control the urge to smoke but, in addition, if we buy it in its natural form (in sticks or branches) we can take them as if it were a cigarette and, in this way, fool our mind.

When you feel like smoking, take a cinnamon stick like a cigarette and imitate the act of smoking. The unmistakable flavor of this spice will enter your mouth and, immediately, the desire for cigarettes will go away. It is therefore recommended that you always have these sticks on hand in areas or environments that alter you or that encourage you to smoke (work, family gatherings, when you meet friends, etc.).

It is a substitute therapy that can help you modify the habit of tobacco and, little by little, you get rid of this vice so harmful to health.

Tips for your diet.

In addition to these foods that we have just indicated, below we are going to provide you with some tips that you can incorporate into your diet and that will help you reduce the urge to smoke by making a few simple changes. Take note!

Cut down on portions.

When quitting tobacco, it is common for people to try to overcome their anxiety by eating and, therefore, there is a theory that quitting smoking makes you fat. But it is not true. All you have to do is bet on a healthier life and try to calm your anxiety with tricks like cinnamon sticks. So, do not get carried away by your addiction and eat in a balanced way, in adequate portions and, above all, chewing slowly, so you will fill up faster.

Drink a glass of water before every meal.

This is a perfect trick to control anxiety and avoid eating large amounts, thus making tobacco substitute for food. We want you to have a healthy life so what you need is to control that craving and not eat until you burst, therefore, drink a glass of water before each meal and you will be able to reduce your appetite as well as cleanse your body.

Brush your teeth after eating.

The after-meal cigarette can be one of the most difficult to avoid, so a trick is to brush your teeth with a menthol toothpaste to have a fresh mouthfeel and thus take away the desire to light a cigarette. Although it seems silly, it really works!

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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